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Pathos Development Group is a platform for creative development, self-expression, and result-driven business implementations for individuals 18yrs or older and budding or established businesses- offering the necessary tools and expertise to our clients for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. Founded in 2017, PDG was inspired by the conditions of the community, lifestyle disparities of individuals, and the extreme pressures embedded within business environments- and also acknowledging the connection between one’s personal and professional progress.

Our mission and vision are simple: Our clients are important to us, as we consider their individual progress and business success our top priority. Our commitment to our clients survives throughout the lifespan of their current needs; and our efforts help improve the lifestyle, satisfaction, and functionality of those seeking personal and/or business-related change- ensuring their ability to succeed at overcoming their own challenges, increase productivity in their current situation, develop solutions that align with their strategic direction, integrate accountability and awareness into their change efforts, and craft structured/solutions-based implementation plans for short and Lon-term success. At PDG, we're dedicated towards the cultivation of personal and business growth.

What's our secret? We partner with our clients from start to finish, 24/7- focusing on their individual needs, uncovering their true desires, and developing effective strategies and measurable solutions to help them succeed. How do we do it? We facilitate the growth and development of clients who are open and susceptible to change and are ready to elevate from their current position. Our clients actively participate in an extensive development and expansion program- (which integrates artistic, cognitive, physical, and emotional techniques [among other applicable forms of expression]). Our expert staff are equipped with innovative and progressive tools to guide clients to their desired goals, and to become champions of their future outcomes.

For individual clients, we help them unlock and circumnavigate their own beliefs and talents, which will be used to propel them forward; and they will be confident in knowing that they played a key role in positioning themselves in a more desirable state of being. For our business clients, we motivate them to take the next step that will catapult their business to the next level; and they’ll become more proactive and responsive to industry transitions- making them a stronger competitor in their respective markets. What gives PDG a competitive edge is our belief that one’s personal and professional developments are connected and can be enhanced simultaneously, using one area to strengthen the other.

So, why choose PDG? We understand that change is not always easy or welcomed. Hence, we choose to safeguard our clients against mental roadblocks, societal constraints, internal/external implications, etc.- anything that could prevent them from reaching their full potential. We also pride ourselves on helping our clients manage their personal and professional endeavors simultaneously. Our services in individual and business development are tailored to fit the specific needs of each client. We promise to deliver a unique and life-changing experience, while keeping the client’s best interest in mind!

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