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Tatyana Hinton, C.P.C.

Tatyana Hinton is a business and personal development maven hailing from the south suburbs of Chicago. From an early age, Tatyana has showcased exemplary excellence in the form of literary and scholastic achievements, as well as sports and art. From award-winning public speaking to literary publications to state and local sports rankings, she has established herself as a competitive influence in the community. Throughout her life, Tatyana has superseded all expectations and has risen above adversities ranging from childhood bullying to homelessness shortly after moving to Atlanta. Overcoming these challenges influenced her to focus on personal development, creative expression, and emotional strength.

Due to the tragic suicide of two loved ones, and noticing that many people around her were suffering in silence, Tatyana decided to take a stand- becoming an advocate for emotional healing and healthy decisions. Over the years, Tatyana dedicates herself to spreading awareness of the effects that one’s emotions has on their (quality of) life. Through public speaking engagements, personal advisement & counseling, service projects, etc. Tatyana took charge to support the community by creating her own non-profit organization- The B.E.L.I.E.V.E. Project, Inc.- a change agent for individuality and balance, providing creative outlets of unapologetic self-expression for the emotionally discontent (by having them harness their emotions, using their trials and tribulations as catalysts for a better life).

Well educated, Tatyana received her Bachelor’s degree and an MBA from Clark Atlanta University, as well as a Master’s degree from Penn State University. Being service-oriented, she’s aided several campus and community organizations, holding various leadership positions. Notably, Tatyana is a proud member of the Order of the Eastern Star and Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Studies honor society. As a people-driven person, and as a means of helping others improve their lifestyle, social habits, mental fortitude, operational and functional strategies, etc. she became a Certified Professional Life Coach.

A firm believer in perseverance, alternative innovation, and efficiency-coupled with an uncanny and unparalleled work ethic- Tatyana was compelled to explore the relationship between work-life balance and emotional decision-making. Over the years, her experiences sparked her dream of what has now become Pathos Development Group- a movement, a platform for personal and professional development. Her goal for PDG is to service individuals and business professionals seeking to better themselves and achieve their desires. Her commitment to others is a guiding force that powers this organization to be what it is today, and what it will continue to be.

Tatyana’s mission and resilience is dedicated towards going beyond the status quo, pushing the envelope, and helping others recognize their worth- so that they can pay it forward. She strives to be an inspiration for others and to propel herself, and this company, into a more positive, passionate, and productive future.

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